Infrared Thermometer


⭐️ALL YOU NEED AS A MOM OR DAD. First of all this thermometer not only measures your baby’s temperature via the ear or the head. It can also show you if baby’s bottle or room is too hot or too cold.
⭐️PEACE OF MIND WITH CONSISTENT RESULTS – Thanks to advanced clinical testing and the German sensor Hyman, this thermometer will give you consistent and accurate readings. 
⭐️TAKE YOUR BABY’S TEMPERATURE WHEN HE’S ASLEEP – The mute function allows you to take your little one’s temperature while he is sleeping because is silent and you can read the temperature in the back light display.
⭐️KNOW WHEN TO TAKE ACTION – The display will tell you if your little one has a fever.
⭐️TOO HOT OR TOO COLD? – As a parent, you’re going to ask yourself this question almost like a million times. Not just when it comes to a fever. I’m talking Bottles. Rooms. Baths. In fact the third mode of our thermometer, the object mode, will give you the answer. In just 1 second.

Baby Nasal Aspirator

Our baby nasal aspirator is easy to use and safe.In fact the design of the nasal aspirator has been made for the comfort of your baby. The tube does not intrude inside the nose like any nasal douche and soft sucking system.
⭐️Hygienic product with disposable filter to change each time you use the aspirator so you make sure the health of your baby is respected. Once the mucus and all bacteria gems are outside your baby’s nose in the filter just get rid of the filter. Therefore clean the snotsucker, place a new one and you are ready to go for the next round.
⭐️When sucking the tube to get the mucus out, you have obviously no worries to have about having any in your mouth thanks to the filter because the design of the nasal aspirator.
⭐️Our nasal aspirator was created to free your baby from congestion discomfort and an easy use.
⭐️Finally all our products are guaranteed, if you have any issues please contact us. Satisfied or reimbursed.